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After you've launched your new web site - what happens then?

InfoLink offers reliable local support at affordable prices. Our serious business clients rely on us to keep their websites fully-functional and accessible at all times. They also rely on us to keep them up to date with current trends, helping to ensure that their web assets are providing the optimal benefits for their business.

Education and ongoing support are important components of our client success. Sample support services include:

  • personal training on content management systems (for self-managed sites)
  • site maintenance and upgrades
  • online help manuals, video tutorials and marketing resources
  • small group workshops
  • a 24/7 support system for technical issues

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Web Activity Reports...


Web Activity Reports

Many website owners believe that hits are a meaningful measurement of web site traffic, but contrary to popular opinion, measuring hits can be very misleading. A hit is registered every time a file on your site has been accessed. Your home page alone could result in 20 "hits" because it is comprised of several files.
For this reason we prefer to measure actual user visits, how many times the individual visited your site and the pages they viewed to provide you with an accurate picture of your site's traffic.


Unique Visits - this is the actual number of users who visited your site
User Sessions - this is the actual number of times the site was visited
Page Views - this number represents how many of your website's pages were visited
Pages per visitor - an average number of pages visited per visitor
Bounce Rate - the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance or landing page


Awstats (Awstats is a web activity tracking tool which is included with standard InfoLink hosting packages. It is located in Cpanel.)
How to Use Awstats and apply it to your business (video)

Google Analytics (Google Analytics is a very power web activity tracking tool which is included with Custom Designs, and can be added as a option to any InfoLink hosting packages.)
Google Analytics reports are available by monthly emails, or can be accessed by login.
Beginning Analytics: Interpreting and Acting on Your Data (video)


Content Management Systems ...


Content Management Systems (Self-managed sites)


SiteApex Support

SiteApex is an advanced content management system which contains many functional modules such as newsletter manager, user group management, blog, form builder and more)
Click here for support section


WordPress Support

(WordPress is popular blog software which can also be used as a website content management system) Click here for support section
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